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 The British Virgin Islands is a tropical paradise in the north east Caribbean. The territory is comprised of about fifty islands, islets and cays and it has justifiably been labeled the ‘Sailing Capital of the World.’ We at SunFunBVI Vacations are dedicated to finding you the best vacation package possible. We have created this site to help you with all aspects of your holiday – from finding the right vehicle, be it villa, crewed yacht or bareboat – to navigating through all the delicate details to secure your booking.

Best of all, it’s a free service to you, the customer.

Julian, my husband, and I have resided in the islands for over twenty years and know the chartering and vacation industry intimately. With our extensive local knowledge we can ensure there will be no unexpected surprises waiting for you. Whether you are a vacationer, travel agent or tour operator, you can be certain of the very best service.

With the Easter Vacation and Spring Break around the corner, why not do something special for your family? Charter a luxury crewed yacht in beautiful British Virgin Islands! You`ll enjoy white powdered sandy beaches under hot tropical sun, diving, snorkelling, water sports, luxuriously service and superb gourmet meals. And most important off all, not only spend a special time with family and friends, but also get away from the winter cold days, have some fun and relax. What could be a more perfect vacation than that?

If you are browsing this website its means that have you’re planning your first or the next BVI sailing adventure. To get to the British Virgins Islands from the US East coast there are quite a numbers of flights into ST Thomas USVI. The airlines such US Airways, United, AA and Jet Blue will bring you down to the Caribbean in just a few hours. The Catamaran Braveheart can meet you as soon as you come out the flight! And start your sailing adventure from the USVI to the waters of the beautiful British Virgin Islands.

We’re offering discounted charter weeks

aboard the luxury diving Catamaran Braveheart.

 The charter dates are:

From May 4th to the 15th   From June 1 to the 20th   From August 1 to 22th 2015

Weekly Rates:

2/5 guests $20,000 less 10%

6 guests $20,500 less 10%

7 guests $21,000 less 10%

8 guest $21,500 less 10%

9 guests $ /22,250 less 10%


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How To Use This Website

This web site was designed with information regarding vacationing in the British Virgins Island by sea on board a yacht or on shore in a luxury villa. I have included a core of general information to guide you on your holiday planning. You might find that some of the content information is available elsewhere: magazines, other web sites and brochures. Some are accurate but many are misleading, over-hyped and/or impersonal. I am here to make a difference to your travel plans.  I care and I am determined to make your vacation dream a reality.

I have the advantage of being situated in the British Virgin Islands year round, with the ability to scrutinize every boat or villa that is in my portfolio at any time. Some travel agents and yacht brokers have never visited the BVI  and market their product from Europe or America and most of them rely solely on the information given to them by yacht charter operations or villa management companies.  The British Virgins Islands is my home.  I want you to enjoy and love these islands as much I do. They are full of incredible beauty; sights, sounds, tastes and potential adventure.

Welcome to my world!

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