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Whether you like provisioning or not, it’s something that every bareboat charterer must consider. Even if you plan to eat meals ashore every you’ll still need to provision for breakfast, lunch and beverages. Regardless of your culinary preferences, here are a few tips to keep your provisioning as smooth as your sailing in the BVI waters:
• Make a Menu. Start by creating a detailed day-by-day, meal-by-meal menu, like r easy meals with straight-forward ingredients that appeal to the preferences of your crew. Then, use your menu to create a grocery list. You can’t just pop over to a nearby convenience store if you forget something, so be sure your list is comprehensive.

• Be flexible. Virgin Islands’ supermarkets are well stocked, although the selection varies day-to-day. Residents of the BVI know to scoop up hard-to-find items when they see them and to stock up on favourite products. Visiting charterers do not have that flexibility when shopping – they only get what’s available on a given day at one store. Be prepared for substitutions. If you plan to visit anchorages with small supermarkets nearby, consider topping up your supplies instead of buying everything at the beginning of your charter.

• Stock up on snacks. When provisioning, buy more snacks than you think you need. Once you arrive at your anchorage, you’ll also want munchies to enjoy with sun-downer cocktails.

• Be realistic about the amount of cooking you plan to do. After a day of sailing and snorkeling in the sun, you will be less motivated to cook and more inclined to relax in the cockpit with a cocktail. Also, be mindful that food preparation takes longer on a boat, where you’ll have limited space, cook ware and utensils.

• Stay hydrated. Many people are more comfortable drinking bottled water when on a charter boat. To minimize waste, have each person bring a water bottle from home and buy gallon jugs of water to fill the water bottles.
• Call in the professionals. Looking for more help with provisioning? The Virgin Islands are a world class destination for charter boats and have outstanding provisioning services to match. Whether you choose to provision through your charter company or directly with a local supermarket, they will assist you with planning meals and will even deliver groceries directly to your charter boat.

Finally do not forget to pick up a copy of the Drinking and Eating Guide to the BVI! Lots of food & drinks recipes. And the good news is that most of the establishments have offered to GIVEAWAY a tasty treat or a FREE SPECIALTY DRINK to entice you in to enjoy the FUN. Some restaurants even offer a FREE bottle of  WINE with dinner. What could be better way to enjoy your bareboating sailing BVI vacation!

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