Wedding ceremony in our paradisaical islands

On May this year, the British Virgin Island’s government passed a new bill in the House of Assembly that now allows couples wishing to get married in the territory, to gain a marriage license in only one day, instead of three!

With this fantastic new initiative, we keep you in mind. If you want to plan your dream wedding ceremony here in our paradisaical islands, it’s easy, stress free and reliable; just like our life style - relaxed, safe and enjoyable.

We understand that it can be  slightly stressful to plan a wedding from such a distance; but one of our main goals is to ensure  that you arrive without a worry! The only  few, simple things you would have to do is  1) arrange for the airline tickets, 2) select the venue for your ceremony,  3) say YES on the big day and 4) indulge in your honeymoon in the beautiful Virgin Islands.

Indeed, the previous marriage license bill of 3 days made it difficult for many couples to visit our islands and get married, but now there are certainly no excuses as to why you shouldn’t get married in “Nature’s Little Secret!” What’s more, is that we have numerous airlines flying into our neighboring island; St. Thomas/USVI, which further facilitates to your traveling arrangements. So if a marriage license only takes one day to process, why not live your dream? It couldn’t get any easier, could it?

The BVI’s natural beauty with pristine white, sandy beaches and unsurpassed sailing, are just some of the reasons to have your wedding destination under the Caribbean sun. Rather than having grand mega-resorts in the BVI, we have idyllic small resorts, hotels, villas and intimate guest houses, some of which are located on swathes of endless white sand beaches, or hidden away in the tropical hillsides. On both of our main islands; Tortola and Virgin Gorda, there are many different accommodations to choose from.

My favorite BVI Wedding Planner is Heather Anderson, who is originally from the USVI, but has lived in Tortola for over 20 years. Heather has many years of experience in planning some of the most amazing wedding settings and she is acknowledged for taking care of everything right down to the small details. For the many years that I have lived here, I have been invited to more than 8 weddings planned by Heather, and I can assure you that every detail was carried out thoroughly, with precision, professionalism and flawless attention to detail. If anything had gone slightly wrong on any of those occasions, it definitely went unnoticed by myself and other guests as we continued to experience the delight of these magical ceremonies.

Additionally, one of the most innovative wedding photographic services in the BVI; Virgin Portraits have assisted numerous couples plan their personalized ceremonies. The owner; Amanda Baker, has an eye for detail and specializes in combining traditional photographic techniques with contemporary art. Amanda is always able to capture the crisp elegance of portraiture photography and has the knack for depicting the unique feeling of each wedding occasion using her photo-journalistic, candid style.

For additional information, please contact the Civil Registry and Passport Office to register online or if you have any further questions please call  468-3701 ext. 3035.

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