Caribbean Gourmet Cooking with Enface at Sea

The chefs of the crewed yachts in the British Virgins Islands have donated some of their tantalizing recipes to compose their first cookbook. The BVI Charter Yacht Society  cookbook has signature dishes  from twenty four international chefs, who happen to create their gourmet magic in the galleys of some of the finest luxury sailing yachts based in the beautiful British Virgin Islands.

The chef’s cookbook   Dining on Deck , was launched was last year during the Society Annual Crewed Yacht Show in Road Town, capital of the British Virgins Islands. Dining on Deck  is a 72-page spiral bound cookbook presented a handy half page horizontal format. When spread open, it lays flat with a stunning color photo of the completed creation on the left and the recipe with the chef’s profile photo or the host luxury charter yacht on the right.  The new BVI cookbook ,  Dining on Deck, is divided into four sections: appetizers, salads, main dishes and desserts (including Ti' Punch and Trouble Terminator drinks).

I am one of the few charter consultants that reside in British Virgin Islands. I known most of the yacht chef’s personally and; many of them have become friends rather than just business acquaintances. I myself cooked aboard The Moorings yachts under the bareboat division from 1998 to 2003 and did some free lance work aboard crewed yachts as well.


Originally from Brazil, I grew up among a diversity of rich tropical cuisine, and it was natural for me to introduce my Brazilian “tantalizing secrets” to my charter guests.  At the end, it was a natural success and a thrilling journey. My experience as charter chef resulted in a very successful few years of chartering until I got married in 2001 and started family.


Cooking is my passion, therefore I couldn’t help to try my hand at some of the recipes from the Dining on Deck cook book  I first cooked  ‘ Coconut Tuna Ceviche” by chef Emily Williams of the luxury sailing yacht, the  catamaran King’s Ransom and also tried the Watermelon Gazpacho Cooler with the fresh local lobster by chef Lori Cady the world of cruising Jean Pajot the catamaran Sabore.  This appetizer dish is to die for!


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