Galley Gourmet gives local chefs a wide audience


The BVI's Top Chefs
BVI cooking show with a twist
Galley Gourmet gives local chefs a wide audience



My friend Lisa Mead one of the BVI Top Galley Gourmet came out with the idea of production the BVI first cooking show. One of Lisa’s shows took place at the Golden Pavilion, a luxury villa on Tortola's Little Bay that offers a sweeping view out to Guana Island and the north shore along with a state of the art kitchen. On the show, Lisa's guests were Wendy Ketcham of the Tortola catering firm Island Dish and Elizabeth Ryback, the chef at the private rental villa Baraka Point on Virgin Gorda. Buzzing around the kitchen, making sure that Lisa and the TV crew's needs were met was Kate Purdy, who has been on the show twice and it is the chef on board of the crewed charter 60FT Catamaran Pas De Deux, one of the BVI luxury yachts that caters for 4 guests under the professional care of Kate and Captain Tony.

Lisa describes the program as a "magazine-style" program that combines a sprinkle of easy going chat with some serious cooking. She has interview chef Elizabeth Ryback, whose on-air dishes included green mango spring rolls and a chicken satay with peanut sauce. For desert she prepared grilled pineapple and coconut ice with rum sauce. Before working at the luxury rental Baraka Point Estate, Elizabeth cooked aboard one of the many crewed charter yachts around the Virgin Islands. "I loved cooking on the boat," she says of her time onboard. Lisa's background is also on the sea.

The Australian born chef trained at the Culinary Institute of Queensland and has worked at a variety of international restaurants "It's a perfect training ground," she contends, describing Australian food as "a fusion of Asia meets European flauvors – the best of both worlds."
"Following her heart and a chef that she had fallen in love with," she came to the BVI in 2003 where she became familiar with "a new world of cooking on yachts." Her current gig is aboard the Crewed Charter Yacht Lagoon 620 Enigma based in the BVI but which cruises throughout the Caribbean.
The Galley Gourmet is televised on Mondays at 6am and 10:30pm; Thursdays at 6:30am and Fridays at 4:30 pm and 8pm. You can also watch the program on CBN's live stream at

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