Could you please fill the questionnaire below and email it back to us here at SunfunBVI. It’s very important to me to evaluate your charter and comments for future reference.

December 28 2013

How did you enjoy your charter? _Very much. The weather was beautiful and we had relatively little trouble securing moorings or anchorages.

How it was the yacht? Accommodating? Please comment. Very accommodating and roomy enough for the seven of us. The offset to the comfort of the Cat was the boat was not as good a sailor as a monohull but that certainly wasn’t the boat’s problem.

Was the yacht clean, well-maintained and comfortable for your group?For the most part, yes. The two forward cabin heads were prone to urine back up leaks which required us to keep them flushed with seawater. We reported this to Conch who said it might be due to poor valves. We also had a poorly draining shower pump but that was fixed prior to sailing.

How would you describe the quality of services provide by your captain? And Conch Charters? Joe did a good job helping us to get around and his experience helped us in setting our itinerary and getting good moorings and/or anchorages. Conch Charters were friendly and helpful.

Do you have any suggestions for the boat to improve her as a charter yacht? Do a thorough inspection and over haul of the cabin heads.

Any other suggestions or comments of how we may better serve you? A bit more information on transportation and customs procedures would be helpful ahead of time to help budget enough time to make connections.

May we use your name as a reference? ___X____Yes      _______No

Signature:    Eric N. Gutterson