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Sunfun Gospel by Julian Putley

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Like the manna that falls from Heaven, Julian Putley’s new book Sunfun Gospel, should tumble into the laps of anyone who wants a great book to read. Once again Putley brings together a cast of crazy, colorful characters who all come together in a delightful, spicy stew on the fictional island of Dominada where the Gospel is preached by a reformed rum drinker. A dubious billionaire, complete with mega yacht and helicopter, and a sleazy politician conspire to pull off a ‘land grab.’ Toss in a lady or two with questionable morals; a rescue on the high seas, and a little island history and you’ve got a romping good tale that’s hard to put down.

Sunfun Gospel Book Review

The Virgin Island Books publishing company has recently released a new title, ‘Sunfun Gospel,’ by local resident author, Julian Putley. The novel is rollicking entertainment from start to finish.

The story is based largely on the fictional island of Dominada where a miracle changes the lives of a local peasant family. Pastor Frazer becomes a ‘born-again’ Christian and soon he is giving sermons in his parish church. Before long he becomes ordained and he and his mentor are raking in large cash donations at Gospel Revivals.

The underlying thread that stitches the whole story together is the ‘banana wars.’ The World Trade Organization has decreed that Caribbean bananas will no longer have an open pathway to European markets so impoverished growers find alternative crops. Even so, derelict banana plantations are seen by many to be an unproductive liability and the opportunity for a land grab is not missed by the unscrupulous tycoon and president of the United Fruit Company. He arrives at the island’s main anchorage on his mega yacht, complete with silver helicopter and puts out the word that he is interested in acquiring ‘useless’ banana plantations, albeit at rather meager prices. When his shady past comes to light the Dominada Action Movement, headed by Pastor Frazer, moves to halt the man’s ambitions and try as he may his aspirations are thwarted at every turn.

The story is liberally sprinkled with Caribbean characters: destitute refugees, pious preachers, struggling peasants, a ganja smoking Rasta man, bungling police, a corrupt politician, alluring girls, an opportunistic money launderer, an array of gospel singers and the crew and guests of a visiting mega yacht… and that’s not all.

For anyone with a love of colorful Caribbean culture and lifestyle Sunfun Gospel is a must. It follows on the heels of Putley’s first novel Sunfun Calypso, ‘a hilarious ride through paradise.’

In the words of Nancy Terrell, “There’s a ring of truth in every laugh, a thought provoked from every serious moment.”

Sunfun Calypso by Julian Putley 

A Caribbean novel of laughter, passion, poignancy and tragedy. An authentic and colourful portrait of Caribbean island life.

Price: $14.95 plus shipping

By A Customer

Sunfun Calypso is a must read for anyone who has been or dreams of traveling to the islands. The author, Julian Putley’s imagination has woven together fact and fiction in a cleverly disguised and very descriptive story that makes you smile knowingly as it transports you back to the very places he writes of. It will take you along the pot holed roads in the back of taxis with Bob Marley shrines on the dashboard listening to the lilting dialect of your driver while holding on for your life, to feeling the spray on your face as you are sailing from island to island. His characters, some endearing and some not so..are all people we have met along the way. All this plus a very entertaining story that keep you reading and ready to anticipate the next page. This has to be one of the most descriptive books I have read and I marvel how the author writes in such as way that the stage is set and in your mind eye you imagine it perfectly. He captures the essence of the people so that they are part of your life plus the flavor of the islands  making you yearn to return and experience what you may have missed on your journey. The author obviously knows and loves his islands and I am very much looking forward to another of his stories.

The Virgins’ Treasure Isle

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The Virgins’ Treasure Isle is about pirates, Norman Island, buried treasure and the Treasure Caves. It is a fascinating story of pirates against colonial masters when European nations were battling for supremacy of Caribbean islands and omnipotent Spain was robbing gold and jewels from American Indians in the name of Catholicism.

It was indeed a fateful day when a treasure laden Spanish Galleon came to grief during a terrifying hurricane and ended up in Ocracoke Inlet, the very same anchorage where the most notorious cutthroat in pirate history, ‘Blackbeard,’ met his end. A vast treasure found its way to Norman Island and was buried there.

There is compelling evidence that Norman Island is the island of Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island. Perhaps what is astonishing, though, is that the real story is so evocative of 18th century piracy. In the islands we hear many rumors of pirates and treasure, but nowhere is there as much evidence of real skullduggery as in the Virgins’ Treasure Isle

The Drinking Man’s Guide to the BVI         by Julian Putley

Price $14.95 plus shipping

The Drinking Man’s Guide to the BVI is an anthology of FUN. This marvelous book will lead you to the best watering holes in the islands and you’ll be laughing all the way there. I mean it was Shakespeare who said; “Beauty is in the eye of the beerholder,” wasn’t it? And Steinbeck who said that a hangover is the wrath of grapes?

The cartoons by internationally renowned graphic artist Bob Nock complement Julian Putley’s limericks and poems and the short stories will give you a taste of Caribbean island life. And if this isn’t enough each bar has submitted its own specialty drink recipe which you can try and then experiment with at home. Not only that but many bars have offered a FREE DRINK to entice you in to enjoy the fun.

The Caribbean has always been about fun: “Shame and Scandal in the Family,” is the quintessential calypso and some verses are included here. Then there’s the Mighty Sparrow’s “Saltfish, Sweeter than Meat” and the hilarious “Big Bamboo.”

Note: The authors are not responsible for hangovers or stitches, stomach cramps and heart attacks from excessive merriment and hilarity.

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The Virgins’Treasure Isle by Julian Putley

Price: $9,95 plus shipping

“There are many stories of pirates, daring raids and buried treasure. None, though, has so much documented evidence as this audacious piracy and subsequent burial of a vast treasure on Norman Island in the British Virgin Islands. This true story is ‘a must’ for lovers of great adventure.” Jane DiCola, Editor, Nautical Scene.

 Book Excerpt:

“The silver was divided in the following manner: five chests to Lloyd, five chests to Wade and the remaining 45 chests were divided equally making almost four chests per man. Almost all the chests of silver were removed from the vessel and taken ashore and buried. Lloyd and Wade kept one chest each on board and James Moorhouse kept all of his share on board too. So a total of forty four chests were buried on Norman Island.”

THE BATHS  -The BVI’s Natural Wonder by Julian Putley

Price: $10,00 plus shipping

(How the Baths were formed – including a Guide to the Trails)

The Baths and the surrounding area is sometimes called “The eighth wonder of the world.” It is spectacularly beautiful and well worth spending a whole day, or even two, to explore the area in its entirety.

The boulder formations and natural sculptures are but one facet of the “Baths experience.” Children will love the “Crawl” and rock jumping into the crystal clear pool (caution required).

 The A to Z OF THE SEA by Julian Putley

A tongue in cheek look at nautical terminology. Contains the outstanding cartoons of graphic artist Bob Nock. “Really Fun”. The illustrations are right in keeping with the tone of the book.” Nancy Terrell

Book Excerpts:

One young boating mother is going to apply two more coats of anti foul to the bottom of her yacht. She’s terrified of bird flu.

One evening at the bar a retiree who was ‘going yachting’ complained that his compass was ‘all over the place.’ “You’ll have to swing the compass,” I said. Next day I saw him again, “I got rid of that problem,” he said, “Deep sixed it, just like you said.”

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