Why do we have to pay for these Mandatory Extras costs?

Below outlines the various costs:

BVI Cruising Permit – This fee is collected by the BVI Government, it’s exactly like hotel tax per head. This fee is payable in cash on arrival.

December 1st - April 31st = $2.00
May 1st - November 30th = $0.75

The National Parks Trust Mooring Permit - This fee is collect by the BVI Government as the funds are utilized to maintain the moorings system throughout the National Park.

$25 per week up to 4 people
$35 per week up to 6 people
$45 per week up to 8 people
$55 per week for up to 10 people

Insurance – This fee covers the hull damage. The rate varies between charter companies and may also depend on the size of the yacht.

Security Deposit – This deposit will be return after the charter if items are not missing or displaced (such as a cockpit cushion missing, broken winches etc..) Pre-authorization on your credit card agreed upon arrival.

Sleep-Aboard - If the yacht is available the night before your charter, the charter company will allow you to sleep on board for a small cost.

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