Lagoon 420 Hybrid Green Catamaran BVI

Catamaran Lagoon 420 BVI

- Lagoon is installing new diesel engines into the Lagoon 420, so that you will be able to enjoy all the features of the 420, coupled with the reliability, power (over 8 knots), and fuel efficiency (2 gallons total per hour at 8 knots) of the Yanmar diesel engines. With the conversion to diesel engines on these Lagoon 420, its anticipating not only more power under motor, but also under sail.

The Lagoon 420 catamaran, with diesel propulsion, benefits from wide uncluttered decks and stable motion underway, allowing easy movement around the yacht both under sail and at anchor.>

Heads 4

Voltage 12V and 110V



Lagoon 420 Catamaran Weekly Rate

Season Low           Low/Mid   Season          Mid Season         High Season  

$5,795                    $6,495               $7,695                                     $8,995