Transportation to the BVI

There are no direct flights to the British Virgins islands form the USA, Canada or from Europe.

All flights connect through another Caribbean airport such as Antigua/ St Maarten( if you come form Europe) and St Thomas, or Puerto if you come form USA or Canada.

A factor to keep in mind is the difference in airfare and air accessibility. “Because of frequency of flights, plus low-cost fares, Puerto Rico is the easiest to reach the BVI from the U.S. mainland.

If you want to keep costs low and your travel time is minimum this ia highly recommended. You will be able to get here within a few hours leaving home from the USA.

Don’t Forget your Passport!!As of January 1, 2007, all travelers to the Caribbean will need to carry a valid passport. All US Citizens will be required to carry a machine readable passport to re-enter the United States after traveling to the Caribbean and Central America.